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Play any files with out any codec,199 audio and 416 video built-in external codecs.So ExMplayer can play any media format.Supports network streaming and subtitles.


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Want to convert audio file ? here is it easy to use audio converter.ExMplayer audio converter supports more than 10 different audio file format conversions.

Extract Audio

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Do you want to extract audio from video files? is it ExMplayer Audio Extractor,easy to use interface.High quality audio extraction without losing audio quality.

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Version 3.8What's new?

  • Added support for Facebook sharing( Listening to... Watching....)
  • Added subtitle search (Thanks to
  • Added subtitle download and upload (Thanks to
  • Added support for muliple subtitle languages
  • Fixed fontcache problem on 64 bit Windows,screen flickering (Seek view) on Windows8
  • ...Read more

Subtitle Search

Subtitle search enables to find movie subtitles very easily.Subtitle uploading also supported.Service provided by

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Seekview in action

Have a look at thumbnail seeking of ExMplayer.You can see a frame at a particular position without seeking!

And lastly,Media Cutter

Cut your media file (Audio /video files ) using media cutter.Media quality preserverd.

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