Turn on 3D

Turn on 3D

Put your 3D glass and turn on 3D using 3D button or using menu.

3D Menu

Turn on 3D -menu

3D menu is a full featured menu that will fulfill all your 3D needs.

No 3D glass!

Convert 3D to 2D

You got a 3D video but you don't have a 3D glass!..Hmmm,Don't worry...using ExMplayer you can watch 3D video as normal video with just click

3D input formats

3D Input format Selection

3D video can be Side by Side or Above-Below format.ExMplayer will automatically ask you about input format. These are the formats supported
  • Side-by-Side
  • Side-by-Side Half size
  • Above-Below
  • Above-Below Half size

3D Glass Selection

Red/Cyan glass

Classic Red/Cyan Glass

Watch 3D using classic Red/Cyan glass.Supported output modes
  • Anaglyph Red/Cyan color
  • Anaglyph Red/Cyan Dubois
  • Anaglyph Red/Cyan half colored
  • Anaglyph Red/Cyan gray
Tip To use Red/Cyan glassfrom the menu 3D->Viewing methods->3D output formats->anaglyph red cyan duboius

Green/Magenta Glass

Green/Magenta Glass

Watch 3D using Green/Magenta glass.Supported output modes
  • Anaglyph Green/Magenta color
  • Anaglyph Green/Magenta half colored
  • Anaglyph Green/Magenta gray
Tip To use Green/Magenta glass from the menu 3D->Viewing methods->3D output formats->anaglyph green magenta color

Green/Magenta Glass

Yellow/Blue Glass

Watch 3D using Yellow/Blue glass.Supported output modes
  • Anaglyph Yellow/Blue color
  • Anaglyph Yellow/Blue half colored
  • Anaglyph Yellow/Blue gray
Tip To use Yellow/Blue glass from the menu 3D->Viewing methods->3D output formats->anaglyph yellow blue color

polarized Glass

Polarized Glass

You can use passive polarized glass to watch 3D.Supported output modes
  • Interleave rows left first
  • Interleave rows right first
Before using ploarized glass please note that your monitor must be capable of 3D.
Tip To use ploarized glass from the menu 3D->Viewing methods->3D output formats->interleave rows left first